Valley Isle Surfboards designs custom shortboards for small to moderate size surf. The shortboard has a more pulled or needle-nose. The vee in the nose is slight and has many functions. The most notable is how the vee breaks the water instead of pushing water like a flat bottom nose. [...]

Koi Boards

The Koi or Fish Model with a wider nose, allows for more area under your chest for paddle power. A curvey outline fits on the face of the wave for maximum maneuverability. The bottom of the surfboard transition goes from a slight vee in the nose to flat under your front foot to a double-barrel[...]


V.I.S. specializes in progressive, high-performance, contemporary longboards. These custom longboards are quick, maneuverable and almost feel like shortboards. We've been trying to bridge the gap with shortboard ideas on longboard sizes since the longboard revolution of the 1990's. [...]

Fun Boards

Fun custom surfboards range from a build of 7'0" to 8'2". These surfboard designs are basically hybrids and mini-tankers, depending on the width of the nose.

They are commonly styled for surfers who surf [...]

Big Boy Boards

These shapes are enlarged custom shortboards to accomodate a bigger person. They are usually in the 6'4" to 7'10" range for surfers who weigh 180 to 200 lbs. The Koi model would range from 6'4" to 6'11". [...]

Big Wave Boards

V.I.S. produces a wide range of Big Wave Surfboards. For the shredders, we build custom surfboards with medium thickness and stronger fiberglass ("S" cloth) in the 6'4" to 7'4" category. [...]