Shortboards and Koi Boards


Valley Isle Surfboards designs custom shortboards for small to moderate size surf. These come in two basic shapes, and the difference is in the nose template. The first is a regular shortboard with a more pulled or needle- nose. The second is the Koi or Fish Model with a wider nose, allowing for more area under your chest for paddle power.

Both custom shortboard designs have the following characteristics. A curvey outline fits on the face of the wave for maximum maneuverability. The bottom of the surfboard transition goes from a slight vee in the nose to flat under your front foot to a double-barrel under your back foot to a full kick behind the fins for quick release.

The vee in the nose is slight and has many functions. The most notable is how the vee breaks the water instead of pushing water like a flat bottom nose. This definitely aids quicker paddling to get into the wave and over the reef ledge or sandbar. The vee nose also breaks the water when landing airs, releasing the nose to help pull the tail around for radical straight up the face carves and "no catch" nose off the lip and easier turning capabilities in the barrel.

The double barrel tail under your back foot gives the lift and free rail to rail water release and maneuverability. Then, the last 12" has plenty of kick for the sensitivity of your foot on the gas pedal.

All different designs, shapes and sizes can come with this bottom contour or a combination of anything that works!

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