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Ha'a Aikau ripping the North Shore.
Neal jumping out at his home break.
Neal Norris. Photo:Mike Theuson
Nicky Yamada anxious to ride his Valley Isle.
Nicky Yamada dropping in at the Bay.
Nicky Yamada grabbing Valley Isle rail.
Clay Marzo getting his new Valley Isle from Neal.
Andy Norris pulling in at the Bay.
Andy Norris pulling in at the Bay.
Shauna Norris spray.
Shauna Norris bottom turn.
Sierra Lerback big spray.
Sierra Lerback smooth bottom turn style at the bay.
Going for the win at the Legends of the Bay Contest. -Sierra Lerback
Kevin Sullivan ripping his Valley Isle.
Mikey Kohls all smiles with his Valley Isle.
Vicky, Andy and Lily Norris cruising in the VW at the Bay.
Matty Norris Valley Isle spray.
And one more.
Matty Norris salt water shower.
Neals home break.
Corey Mackey lean back.
Nicky Yamada jumping off the rocks for another session.
Andy Norris.
Andy Norris.
Lucas Texeira going off the lip.
Shauna Norris
Kevin Sullivan.
Kevin Sullivan.
Matty Norris.
Matty Norris.